VPN: just what is it and also just what is it for ?

Although it is not something brand-new, it has been during the last couple of years when we have actually begun to read about VPN connections. A term that has actually begun to appear extra highly after Netflix made a decision to obstruct its use after detecting that some individuals used them to bypass the geographical restrictions of their solution.

Nonetheless, the fact is that for years they have actually been made use of in service, a context that currently has actually also expanded to trigger other uses. But what exactly is it? Exactly what is a VPN? What can we use it for? Today we resolve these problems and analyze their advantages and downsides.


Before entering into better turnarounds, we should comment that VPN responds to the acronyms Virtual Private Network, a denomination that currently a priori permits us to have a small idea of just what it is: a virtual personal efficient in linking numerous tools as if they were literally in The exact same area, mimicing local network connections. Digital, since it connects 2 physical networks; And also personal, since just computer systems that become part of a neighborhood network on one side of the VPN could accessibility.


When we link to a VPN, we will certainly do it using a sort of passage, a word that is utilized to indicate that the data is encrypted whatsoever times, from entering till they leave the VPN, which is carried out with various protocols Which secure them. Now, there is an exception with PPTP – it uses a combination of unconfident formulas like MS-CHAP v1/ 2-.

What our system will certainly do when trying to check out a page is to encapsulate the demand and also send it online to our VPN company. This will de-encapsulate them by following their usual course: they will certainly exit with your network router and also, later on, the package will be sent.


Making use of a VPN suggests that we can access basically any kind of part of the network with no kind of geographical restriction, no matter where we physically locate ourselves. The factor? That will certainly allow us to gain access to through several servers located in an additional location of the world besides the one that we are.

The protection and also privacy are various other factors in its favor, especially if you need to send or receive sensitive information throughout the network. And also while we can always go with proxy services and also devices that hide the IP of our tool, by choosing a netflix vpn we are opting to establish a protected link in between the computer system and also the server.

Currently in a much more service context, it makes it possible for a firm’s staff members to from another location access their networks and servers without endangering security. One more of its merits is that these are not extremely costly solutions and also we even discover choices that are worth it totally free.

Ultimately, they are easy to use, permit us to link and detach quickly at will (once configured) and also works with several applications by directing all Web web traffic.

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