Sheets: Choosing the right selection

Cotton is a veggie fiber, made use of for greater than 700 years making light garments. Appreciated for its softness as well as natural softness, cotton is today the initial textile fiber used on the planet, both in ready-to-wear and bed linen. Absorptive, hypoallergenic as well as healthy and balanced, the cotton takes a breath that makes it soft and also comfy. This resistant fiber is additionally very simple to live! There are several methods to work cotton in bed linen. The high quality of the fabric will depend on the thickness of the yarn used throughout weaving as well as the number of yarns each square centimeter. The higher the variety of threads, the much more comfortable the textile will be.

Pure cotton 57 strings/ cm ²: soft and also simple to live

All bed linens (unless or else specified) are woven in this typical high quality. A mild, lightweight top quality that rapidly heats up in contact with the body of the sleeper, with great absorption qualities, as well as immune to both usage and washing.

Percale cotton: more softness, even more resistance

Percale suggests weaving, not matter. It is identified from typical top quality by a much finer and tighter weave. The Percale Becquet is constructed from pure cotton 78 strings/ centimeters ². This very tight weave provides it a stunning smooth and matt appearance, perfectly opaque, a lot of gentleness as well as a longer life while keeping the look of the brand-new. A actual sensation of wellness!

Cotton satin: particularly soft and also smooth

Satin, like percale, is a very fine as well as extremely tight weaving process (more than 115 threads/ cm ²). The satin touch is silky, however unlike polyester satin, cotton satin does not slip. The cotton used could be Egyptian cotton, taken into consideration to be the most attractive worldwide since it has fibers that are longer, thinner as well as extra resistant compared to cotton from various other countries. Combed, it is even softer considering that just one of the most qualitative fibers are preserved.

The tight fibers associated with the quality of the cotton utilized make satin a specifically soft material with an exemplary lifetime.

Cotton flannel: cosy as well as comfortable

The flannel is a light-weight fabric initially made from carded wool, then progressively specified from cotton fibers: a cloth that is still in some cases called “pilou”.

This cotton textile is cleaned and shaved. The wires released by the brushing create a soft and insulating layer that maintains the warm. Cutting readjusts the surface yarns to limit pilling (which fades over time and also cleans). The bedding in is of a hefty top quality: 170 g/ m2. The united flavorful Lavoir de Becquet has undergone a Sanfor reduce treatment. This mechanical technique of pre-shrinking the material maintains the material for all future launderings.

Cotton jacket

The jacket is a knitting, a way to link the yarn loops together. We obtain a sheet that resembles a T-shirt. Comfy, flexible as well as stretchy, the jersey fits completely around the cushion, which is why Becquet advises its use for sheets-cover, specifically suited to very thick cushions.

Linen cleaned: indestructible and also absorbent

Flax is an eco-friendly fiber (it requires very little plant food and pesticides as well as does not need any type of watering), mainly grown in Europe, France being the major country to grow flax. Its soft, soft natural fibers provide the material hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory top qualities that make the linen fresh and also breathable in summer and shield the winter season.

More and more beautiful and more and more soft as the launderings, linen is easy to live, lasts long, without deforming. The washed linen brings an authentic side as well as does not need ironing: also crumpled, it is extremely classy.

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