Search Engine Optimization for WordPress: the guide you have to position your blog

Pointer # 1 Establish your website in WordPress

WordPress by default is not well configured as well as does not have all the required plugins to have a solid and enhanced base of my web task.

I’ll clarify a number of actions you have to perform:

Action 1.- Permanent Links

Click Settings > Permanent web links and check the access name choice, by doing this the links of your articles will certainly be much shorter as well as friendlier.

Keep in mind that this must be done when you have actually simply started with your website or Blog site in WordPress, and also in no case do so if your project already has time, considering that altering the links can bring about loss of visibility in the internet search engine And also the loss of social book marks of all entries.

Step 2.- Feed in summary mode

Something that not many people recognize is that there are tools that have the ability to check out the material of our blog site feed and immediately publish it on other blogs or forums, that is why, and to prevent copying the entire web content, it is intriguing that Just show a piece of that feed.

Someone once asked me that naturally this technique was going to hurt those people who follow us with RSS visitor like Feedly, but as a matter of fact my readership of Feedly does not quit growing and currently rounded the 2,400 as well as tripled in the in 2015.

Step 3.- Include extra update services

I recommend that you include more update solutions to ensure that your content is topped the Net much faster and also indexed much previously.

There are several, or a minimum of I in my Blog have “a handful”, so I leave right here the full checklist for you to make a decision if you include all or one component.






Step 4.- Add an author link in Feed

The function of this pointer is to include a web link within the Feed to all our publications. It enables you to include a “nofollow” connect to your page, so we are informing the online search engine that we are the writers of the content.

Why a “nofollow” link?

Considering that we do not know where our content can wind up being released, or if it is being made use of as a unfavorable SEO method, it is best to add the “nofollow” link and therefore get rid of issues.

Pointer # 2 Do not be afraid to set up plugins

We do not need to hesitate to set up many plugins what we must always avoid is to install plugins of uncertain beginning or development.

There are many people that do not assume I have actually installed in my Blog site 22 WordPress plugins, so I said put a catch of my blog, as well as see if this persuades more individuals that the number does not affect the rate of packing but the sort of plugin.

The fellow blog writer that understands what else he currently has around the 44 plugins, so currently I would like to understand the number of plugins do you have?

WordPress Plugins that I suggest indeed or indeed:

Yoast Search Engine Optimization

This Search Engine Optimization plugin is important in any kind of web page or Blog in WordPress as well as we should install it as well as configure it appropriately.

W3 Complete Cache

For me it is the most complete option for SEO company . Its arrangement is quite complex, and if you are seeking info on the subject you will certainly see that the configurations supplied by the different overviews are really various, it is because of that that in a few days I will certainly offer you a complete overview with video tutorials on how you can set up the essentials as well as Advanced W3 Total cache.


A plugin that can not miss in any wordpress and that will help you make it easier to share your Blog content in Social Networks, get subscribers, and also many other points.

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